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We’re excited to announce this great workshop experience!

ParaCheer International, in association with Intensity Cheer Extreme, are offering the first of our all-star ParaCheer workshops on Saturday 17th June, 1-5pm at the Swanscombe Leisure Centre. Both athletes and coaches are invited.

Athletes will be able to take part in a ParaCheer training day with the intention of starting a new team for ICE, and coaches can learn about ParaCheer divisions and how to create ParaCheer teams of their own.

All athletes with or without physical and sensory disabilities welcome. For more info please contact

£20 for athletes and £35 for coaches. Payment and waivers to be filled on the door.

Swanscombe Leisure Centre, Craylands Lane, Swanscombe, Kent, DA10 0LP – Only 5 minutes from the Dartford crossing and Bluewater Nearest stations are Swanscombe and Ebbsfleet International.


For those using screen readers; The text reads;

ParaCheer International and Intensity Cheer Extreme are joining forces to offer you an amazing Workshop. All-star ParaCheer is HERE! Saturday 17th June 1-5pm Swanscombe Leisure Centre, Craylands Lane, Swanscombe, Kent, DA10 0LP Athletes £20 – Disabled and non-disabled senior athletes interested in ParaCheer this is for you. Minimum age 12 Coaches £35 – Find out about the division from ParaCheer International founders, take part in Q&A with a Team England ParaCheer coach, learn common adaptations and watch them created and implemented live. No need to book; Just turn up and pay on the door. Under 18’s must arrive with parent or guardian to complete waivers For more information about ParaCheer visit For information about ICE visit

The poster is blue and white with the logo of ParaCheer International and Intensity Cheer Extreme at the top. There are two pictures on the poster; the first in the top left is of two wheelchair users in red and white “Team England” uniforms sitting side by side with another cheerleader standing on their shoulders. The second picture on the right hand side is of a group forming a pyramid, the cheerleaders in the group are wearing the green black and white uniforms of Intensity Cheer Extreme. There are three sets of many people basing and five cheerleaders standing upon them, three of those in the air are at prep level and two who are equally placed between the three are standing in the arabesque position with one leg at a right angle behind them, all five are connected.

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