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Benefits of Inclusive Cheerleading

ParaCheer benefits everyone in a multitude of ways. Here are some of them:

Disabled participants
  • Inclusion and intergeneration into activities previously difficult to access

  • Bring a camaraderie and sense of companionship when working in team settings with people from diverse backgrounds disabled and non-disabled alike

  • Increased confidence and self esteem, helping to relieve depression

  • An enhanced sense of control over their physicality

  • Increased strength, energy and stamina, enabling better mobility or activity outside the sport

  • Increased core strength and posture increases breathing capability and aids blood flow

  • Improves balance reducing the chance of further injury due to trips and falls

  • Helps control weight so there is less likelihood of developing additional conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes

  • Cheerleading sport also specifically teaches performance, communication and leadership skills.   Leadership skills and communication are vital to enable people to get the assistance they need from carers, support workers and wider society

Cheerleading Programmes 
  • Athletes learn about adaptation and how to ensure people with impairments can still be included in activities

  • An understanding of adaptation and translation of cheer specific skills may also help those non-disabled athletes during times of injury or other difficulty

  • Working with others who may have greater need than themselves, athletes in your programme will gain more leadership skills and compassion that will aid them in their lives outside of cheerleading

  • There is currently funding widely available to increase participation in sport for those who are disabled and this funding may help get new equipment or facilities that are of benefit to the whole programme

  • Having a national team to represent at the ICU Worlds competition in the inclusive divisions offers those athletes who have experience in these divisions an opportunity to be picked for that team and your programme represented on the world stage.

The Wider Community
  • A more tolerant and inclusive society

  • Healthier and fitter society

  • More visibility of diversity creates more open minded attitudes and removes the stigma of otherness

  • Confidence and leadership skills gained through cheerleading may also result in a disabled individual taking on a leadership role in other areas of their life, and it would be beneficial to society as a whole to have more disabled people in leadership roles

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