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Technique Tuesday Videos

We have been releasing a Technique Video every Tuesday, to highlight some of the adaptations possible for seated athletes in group and partner stunt, on our social media pages under the hashtag #TechniqueTuesdays.

This page is a collection of all those released videos for your to review and learn from.

A detailed write up is available alongside a number of other chapters of useful information for coaches in our Training Manual available to buy on our shop page.

Follow the links at the top of the page to find our social media pages. 

Feel free to share these videos but please ensure our watermarking stays visible and we are tagged in the share.

Thanks to @AK Visuals for helping us with the subtitling, Vogue Athletics for the space and the athletes who supported this project.

Thigh stand

This can also easily be performed with two seated bases. 

Step Up Prep.

We love this skill, it's a great way to support bases with less strength to get to prep and extension, adds a creative element to your routines and works for standing as well as seated bases.

The trick to this skill is the flyer having a more active role by transferring their weight. It's s trick we pulled from Acrobatic practices and from working with younger athletes.

Step Up Extension.

Here we use the same technique to get to extension, again this is somethign you'll have possibly done with hitch pyramids etc but is a great adaptation to support weaker bases to reach extended position. It can be done with either seated or standing bases, shown here with a seated base.

Clear Away Cradle

Now that we've got into the stunts lets look at one way to come down. This Clear Away Cradle is reasonably unique to the ParaCheer/Adaptive Abilities divisions as at Advanced level (the maximum available at present) changing bases is usually not allowed however because of the needs of those with mobility impairment and the division specific regulations this stunt is allowed. See the ICU rules or our safety page 

Gut Lib

Moving onto one Foot. This is a Gut lib. Be careful where the flyer places their foot on your wheelchair users lap, that said this can be a solid option as primary weight can be born through the lap rather than using muscle power.

Step-up Lib

Be sure to help maintain the seated bases safe and healthy spinal alignment by ensuring the flyer steps slightly towards the base and the weight is positioned close to their chest while thier back is upright and connected with the backrest of thier wheelchair (or other seated mobility aid)

As always this technique can be done with standing bases too.

Prep Lib

Our last Lib for the time being, this video describes the adaptations for Lib, from Smoosh to Prep.


Again please note the position of the flyer over the seated base ensure comfortable alignment of the bases back and shoulders where possible.

T Down

T downs are a simple and safe exit from stunts that still look elegant and can be worked into choreographic elements. To adapt this for a seated base we're again using the help of a Base Support.

Assisted Step-in Prep

Use this technique to start your seated base off on their Partner Stunting journey, an easy way into the hands position at shoulder height that they can then use to progress with other skills. We adapted this technique from circus acro and it works very well. It's also a great way to keep stunting longer when your strength is flagging from more dynamic mounts and dismounts.

Step-in Prep Unassisted 

Following on from above, here's the Partner Stunt step in prep but this time unassisted. The technique is mostly the same for the seated base and flyer. We've found since this video was taken that hand grips can differ from those in the video, especially thumb placement during the step in, so have a play with what works for your athletes using this as a base.

Pop Down

This Pop Down is adapted to make allowances for the fact that the seated base will often have their legs and/or wheelchair centered below the stunt so the pop down has to travel a little to avoid landing the flyer on the seated base of their equipment.

Straddle Sit and
Extended Straddle Sit

Straddle sit and extended straddle sit are great transtition skills, and the large area for the bases to grip and stabilise make these a good one for many adaptation options including grip adaptations and adding additional base supports where needed.

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