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Alongside our showcases, workshops, and support for athletes, coaches, and governing bodies we also have a number of specific projects, usually based on ring-fenced funding that we or one of our National Federation Partners have sourced. These projects are always designed to support our continuing mission to promote and support the growth of inclusive cheerleading globally. 


Click through to any of our current or past projects to find out more information.

Summer Camp

As part of our National Lottery Awards For All funded development programme we ran a Summer Camp workshop for ParaCheer athletes in the UK to develop their skills and bring the many teams together in one space. 

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A cross Continental group of federations and teams working with us to determine barriers to inclusion of disabled people in cheerleading, and to disseminate best practice guidelines to support the growth of the sport.  

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A workshop and team building support programme funded by the National Lottery to support injured and disabled military service personnel and their families to participate in inclusive cheerleading.  

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Russian Cheer Union Funding Project

More information coming soon. 

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