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Free Resources

  Below are a number of Free Resources, that you may be interested in when creating or running your teams and programs, working with disabled and non-disabled athletes, and understanding the ParaCheer/Adaptive Abilities divisions. There are more resources available through our Membership Packages.

Top Tips

From our work running workshops and our involvement in creating National and Regional teams we've compiled a list of top tips to help you get started with running your own ParaCheer teams.


Because of the nature of cheerleading and the additional need or impairments that some athletes may have there are more safety requirements - review and deep dive into some of those here.

Technique Videos

Every Tuesday we upload Technique Videos onto our social media pages. They are also all saved here to review and learn from. 

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Our Shop

Products like our Training Manual, pins and T-shirts can be purchased from here. 

Proceeds from the shop go to the continued running of the charity. 

Benefits of Inclusive Cheerleading

Still not convinced about running your own team? Check out this page about what  having ParaCheer can do for your programme and your local community. 


We promote cheerleading for physical and sensory disabled and non-disabled athletes world wide, here's a list of the current Teams we're in contact with. Please add yourself to the list!

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