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3 European Cheerleading Federations, The Finish Cheerleading Federation, Cheerleading Zveza Slovenije (Slovenian Cheerleading Association), and Cheer Sport Ireland, are working together with ParaCheer International CIO and Funky Team Finland to fulfil 3 core objectives as part of a cross European Project funded through ERASMUS+.

The project objectives are:

• Identify barriers and best practices to current inclusion of disabled people within current cheerleading provision in partner nations.

• Disseminate best practice information through workshops for coaches and activity providers in partner nations

• Produce a best practice guide for overcoming barriers to participation identified in research.


We are currently in the early stages of the project with the schedule having been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic however as the project continues to develop this page will be updated with project specific news, events and more.

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Project Partners

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Sumoen Cheerleadinglitto
Finish Cheerleading Federation
Cheerleading Zveza Slovenije
Slovenian Cheerleading Association
Cheer Sport Ireland
Funky Team Logo.png
Funky Team
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