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Friends of ParaCheer

Subscribe for member benefits and access too support and resources. Your subscription fee goes to helping keep the charity sustainable.

Benefits of  ParaCheer

Still not convinced about running your own team? Check out this page about what  having ParaCheer can do for your programme and your local community. 

ParaCheer/Adaptive Abilities Divisions

These are part of the new cheerleading divisions for athletes with and without disabilities working together to create routines and performances showing disability is no barrier to this sport. 

Our Services

We have a number of different services available to support Federations, Coaches, and Athletes to create inclusive opportunities.


We promote cheerleading for disabled and non-disabled athletes world wide, here's a list of the current Teams we're in contact with. If you can't find one near you, we have resources to help you start your own!

News and information

Keep in touch with the latest news and info around the globe on the ParaCheer by following our blog and reading articles or watching videos about the division. If you have articles about ParaCheer, you’d like us to feature, get in touch via our contact page

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