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Announcement! We’re really excited to announce the first ever Paracheer workshop is here! Come, join us and discover the wonderful opportunities and awesome new stunts that working with an integrated team of disabled and non-disabled athletes will bring. Background: In April 2014 (just before Worlds) the ICU invited us to participate in discussions about creation of a “Paracheer” division within the Worlds competition. The intention is to have national teams of mixed disabled and non-disabled athletes competing together as one, in a new division that is additional those already featured at Worlds. The ICU is very excited about the endeavour and the opportunity to give more people access to our wonderful sport.

The future! Following from these workshops we hope to create the UK’s first Paracheer team with the intention to compete at the ICU World championships, as soon as competitive Paracheer becomes a division within the ICU Worlds Competition. This could be as soon as 2015!! How to get involved?: 1] Ask for and invite to the workshop, then come along! 2] Share this advert on social media, tell your coach and then your friends on your team 3] Check out or our Facebook page to get updates.

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