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We are running another ParaCheer Workshop! Full details below. Sorry we haven’t yet published any pictures from the last workshop – we are still waiting to get these back from our wonderful photographer, who volunteered his time for us. They will be coming soon!

ParaCheer Workshop Number 3

Date: Saturday, 13th December 2014

Time: 12noon – 5pm

Location: Talent Central Cheerleading Gym, Unit 27a, Gallions Reach Shopping Park, 3 Armada Way, London, E6 7ER

Cost: £10 for advance bookings, £15 on the day BOOK HERE

Open to participants aged 16+. If you are aged 16-18 we will require confirmation from a parent/guardian that you are able to attend.

For C

heerleaders and ex-Cheerleaders – who want to share their skills, learn new ways to approach their sport and help open it to more members of the community.

For Acrobats – who want to learn cheerleading style but also share their style in order to expand repertoire and provide wider possibilities for adaptation to different bodies.

For Disabled Movers – all physically disabled people welcome, especially those with an existing movement practice; come learn new skills, be prepared to take risks and expand your horizons, all within a supportive environment where we will take the time to find ways for you to use your capabilities to their max!

A bit of background:

Rick started Partner Stunt Cheerleading in a wheelchair in 2009, after an accident left him unable to continue his beloved sport in its usual form. He was the first person in the World to develop this to such a level as to be invited to perform twice at the Cheerleading World Championships in Florida, USA. Now Rick, as the ICU Athletes Commission ParaCheer Representative, along with his wife (and backspot) Jayme, are on a mission to bring high level cheerleading to others with disabilities, in an aim to create an integrated team of disabled and non-disabled cheerleaders performing at a level high enough to perform at, and eventually compete in, the USA when ParaCheer becomes an official division within the ICU Competition.

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