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Current Opportunities

Become a Trustee 

ParaCheer International CIO are looking for a couple of new people to join our board of Trustees. We are especially interested in hearing from Disabled people, and women, to reflect our status as a DPO and the prevalence of female athletes in the sport.


Some skills and experience we would like to add to our board matrix are:

  • PR + Marketing

  • Disability advocacy

  • Social media management

  • Fundraising

  • Law

  • Data-analytics


What we do:

Participation in inclusive cheerleading activities helps keep Disabled people active, supports their physical and mental health, brings confidence and helps Disabled people communicate better to carers and support workers, and promotes inclusivity in the wider population as Disabled and non-disabled people work together and form friendships during their sports activities.


ParaCheer International is a CIO set up in 2014 to advocate for and educate about disability inclusive cheerleading. We are recognised globally as the experts in this discipline, having supported the creation and growth of inclusive cheerleading divisions and activities at World Championship and grass roots levels.


We work with National Federations, cheerleading clubs, coaches, and individual athletes to promote the benefits and the techniques of inclusive cheerleading activities. We run events, classes and workshops (both in person and virtually), provide policy documentation, help people start new teams, and create training resources.


Over the last few years, we have achieved a lot. We have:

  • helped the ICU form inclusive divisions by advising on rules and safety

  • showcased the world’s first ParaCheer National team

  • helped the development of over 50 disability inclusive cheerleading teams in over 17 countries

  • created a Training Manual that was presented to every National Federation member of the European Cheer Union

  • provided policy advice for disabled people in cheerleading during the pandemic

  • supported federations where Disability inclusion isn’t as embedded in their society (including helping create the first Russian team and support the Federation in obtaining recognition from the Russian Paralympic association)

  • created and provided free online resources for those interested in starting a team or making a current team more inclusive.

ParaCheer International CIO hold board meetings roughly 4 times a year.



For an informal conversation about the role please email our current chair Rick Rodgers to arrange a call.

To Apply

Please send your CV and a covering statement to cover letters should be no more than around 2 pages in length, we also support alternative application processes so if you feel more comfortable using video or other methods to communicate your experience and interests feel free to do so.


We are taking applications on a rolling basis so please get in touch as soon as you are interested. We hope to fill the board positions by Q1 2022.

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